At Memzy, we complete brain science research projects because evidence beats opinion. This is our mantra when we set to figure out how humans pay attention, remember, and decide to act. We are excited about cognitive and behavioral research, but equally thrilled to peak underneath the human skull and detect what happens beyond conscious self-appraisal and observing someone’s behavior. The examples below detail research projects and findings that we include in our brain science workshops, content design for clients, and keynote presentations.

EEG research

When audiences’ brains are exposed to your content, their neurons are abuzz with a lot of activity. When neurons communicate with each other, they produce brain waves, which oscillate at different frequencies, with rhythmic highs and lows. During our EEG (electroencephalogram) research, we place a set of electrodes on participants’ scalps and capture their brain waves as they are watching and listening to your content. We look for where specific waves occur, if there is coherence between these brain waves, and whether there is symmetry or asymmetry between waves in brain regions responsible for paying attention and forming memories. One of the main benefits of EEG data is its high temporal resolution, meaning that we can detect a reaction to a stimulus when it happens. We can then associate what we observed in the brain with what the stimulus contained and make inferences related to what attracts attention and what helps the brain form memories.

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