Audiences will forget 90 percent of what you present. That is why we use brain science to design your content so it directs your audience’s attention to the 10 percent that matters to you most.

Create memorable content

The most important ingredient in business success is to influence your audience’s memory. This is because your audiences will make decisions in your favor based on what they remember, not on what they forget. So key to our process is to engage closely with you to identify a problem you want to solve when you develop any content, and get to the core of what you want your audience to remember. Our highly experienced and creative content designers put our brain science methodology to work to get audiences to pay attention, remember, and act on key messages.

Design Approach for Memorable Content

We use brain science-based techniques during each step of the creative process involved in designing your content. The process includes four phases:

  • Identify a single, unifying message that your audience must remember, supported by no more than 3-4 points
  • Design a storyboard
  • Create a visual identity (we do not believe in templates; the visual identity includes a set of colors, lines, shapes, animations, and other design elements that are used consistently to tie your content together and make it look cohesive)
  • Develop the final version of your content
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Business success depends on how memorable you are.

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