We are a team of people energized by the advancement of neuroscience and cognitive psychology. We only use science-based research to help businesses create memorable content or teach brain science workshops. We have a unique combination of scientists and graphic artist that will help you stay on people’s minds long-term.

Who is fueling
Memzy’s Methodology

Carmen Simon is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, cognitive neuroscientist and speaker, addressing a groundbreaking approach to creating memorable messages that are easy to process, hard to forget, and impossible to ignore―using the latest in brain science. Carmen is the founder of Memzy and her most recent book, “Impossible to Ignore: Create Memorable Content to Influence Decisions,” has won the acclaim of publications such as Inc.com, Forbes and Fast Company and has been selected as one of the top international books on persuasion. Carmen holds two doctorates, one in instructional technology and another in cognitive psychology. Dr. Simon also teaches at Stanford University and speaks frequently to corporate audiences on the importance of using brain science to craft communication that is not only memorable but sparks action. After all, what’s the use of memory if people don't act on it?

Carmen Simon
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When we work with various corporation on projects that involve using brain science in communication, we collaborate with talented teams of designers, programmers, and data scientists. Dr. Simon teaches the brain science workshops listed on our site. A team of designers help on projects where were help clients use brain science to create memorable materials, such as presentations, white papers, and videos.

We work on diverse types of content, from software and hardware, to healthcare, transportation, and retail. One day, we may create a memorable presentation on the use of predictive analytics in the industrial internet, and the next day, we may work on the launch of a new perfume. In some projects, we have the opportunity to conduct research, often using using EEG (electroencephalogram) technology, to test the memorability of a message or a story. It is in these projects that all three roles are needed: our programmers create platforms through which we conduct research, our data scientists interpret the results, and our designers bring them to life. What we learn from all our client engagements is that being memorable is mandatory on the journey of convincing customers to make decisions in your favor.

In our work, we are always humbled by how much people forget.
This Manifesto is at the foundation of all we do at Memzy

Memory Manifesto

What do they remember?

They remember the familiar and they remember the new
They remember the expected and they remember the surprise
They remember the generic and they remember the specific, like that one time when you showed up with a beat up yellow leather bag you bought at an antique shop in California
They remember the simple and they remember the complex, if you know how to explain it simply
They remember the calm and they remember the conflict
They remember the pictures and they remember the text if it builds mental pictures
They remember when you spoke and they remember when they spoke even better
They remember the facts and they remember the feelings longer
They remember you, and how you eat anything that’s coated in chocolate

They remember when you ask them to remember
And they forget you when you least expect it

They forget what you said in the past if it does not help them in the future
They forget the wishy-washy
They forget that two minutes ago happened as quickly as it happened
They forget the color, the shape, the size, the shadows, and may remember the gist… Someone else’s.

So fight to be in their mind with precision
Be where they are looking
Force them to look
Go where they habitually go
Something always happens next; get them excited about it
Remind them to look again
Tie yourself to human needs
Autonomy, purpose, prophecy, pleasure, truth and cup cakes
Find the familiar and play off it

Any why should they remember you anyway?
Because when you’re remembered, you’re still alive.